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Princess Marie unveils her new portrait by Mikael Melbye

On Wednesday, Princess Marie unveiled her new portrait made by Mikael Melbye at the artist's home. Prince Joachim was with her. The couple just got back from a couple of days of holiday in St Tropez, France. They will soon go to Cayx, in France, with their kids.

The new portrait of Marie was made in 2016 by Mikael Melbye and it is a private portrait. It will be hung in Joachim & Marie's home in Klampenborg. It isn't the first time Mikael Melbye made a portrait for the royal family. He made one of Queen Margrethe in 2011 and he made individual portraits of Prince Henrik, Prince Joachim and Prince Christian in 2014.
Marie and Joachim both really like the portrait as reported by Marie said : "I think it really shows the person I am. It's important to me to be represented the way people know me ". Joachim agreed : "It's so beautifully done! It couldn't me more right! It's amazing!".
In this portrait, Marie is wearing an UFO top fi…

Prince Joachim and Princess Marie attend the Danish-French trade unions Export Awards 2017

Yesterday, Prince Joachim and Princess Marie were at Klampenborg Race Course to attend the 2017 Danish-French trade unions Export Awards.

The guests first attended an horse race where they were invited to wear their 'most original hats' before joining the main room for a gala dinner. The event was hosted by the Danish-French Chamber of Commerce who created the awards in 1989.

During the dinner , the awards were given to the Danish and French companies who achieved significant results in Denmark and France. Joachim handed the Danish awards and Marie handed the French awards.
For this event, Marie wore a new white Tara Jarmon top and a new printed maxi skirt by Zara.

She also wore a  new white jacket and her Tod's orange wedges. I have no info about the hat yet.
Photos:, lyst, tarajarmon, zara

Princess Marie and Princess Laurentien meet to talk about literacy

Today, Princess Marie was at the Ministy of Education in Copenhagen to meet with the Minister of Education Merete Riisager and Princess Laurentien of the Netherlands. The main topic of their meeting was "How do we ensure that young adults have the necessary reading and other skills to succeed in education, in their job and as democratic citizens in a global world?" according to the Ministry of Education.

Marie is the Patron of the Danish National Commission for UNESCO and talked about how important it is for students to learn and share together language and cultural differences across borders. Laurentien is a member of the UNESCO Global Alliance for Literacy and shared her experience working with this group and the efforts she noticed during her various meetings in the Netherlands and abroad. The Minister of Education let them know what was the Danish government stand on the issue and the initiatives for better education that the government started recently.

For this meeting…

Princess Marie at the French Embassy for the Prix Litteraire des Ambassadeurs

Yesterday, Princess Marie was at the French Embassy in Copenhagen for the Prix Littéraire des Ambassadeurs (Ambassadors' Literature Price). The Prix Littéraire des Ambassadeurs is a literary price created in 2002 by the ambassadors in Denmark of the countries taking part in the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie (OIF), or the countries in which French language has a big influence.
Marie is Patron of the Prix Littéraire des Ambassadeurs since 2009. This Price aims to focus on cultural diversity and aims to promote the culture of French-speaking countries in Denmark. This year, Rwandan writer Scholastique Mukasonga won the price for her book 'Notre-Dame du Nil' (Our Lady of the Nile), published in French in 2012 and translated to Danish in 2014.

Princess Marie wore a new beautiful rose-print dress from Giambattista Valli and her favorite Jimmy Choo 'Romy' pumps.

We'll next see Marie on June 14th as she and Joachim will attend a reception for the Chamb…

Prince Joachim and Princess Marie give interview to Graensen Magazine

This week, Prince Joachim and Princess Marie are on the cover of Graensen Magazine! The interview was made on May 5th, during the family's stay at Schakenborg Castle to celebrate Prince Henrik's eighth birthday.

Here is the translation I made of this interview:

"The split flag with the royal crown in the middle is waving in the wind, so nobody driving through Slotsgaden in Mogeltonder with the idyllic thatched houses can have a doubt : Prince Joachim and Princess Marie are staying at Schackenborg castle.

They are there because Prince Henrik, the son of the couple, celebrated his eighth birthday the day before and it is his wish to celebrate his birthday on May 4th at Schackenborg Castle every year if possible. May 4th is also Liberation Day in Denmark and you can also see the traditional lights in the castle at night. "And he loves that" said Princess Marie , once she and Prince Joachim as well as Graensen Magazine were settled in the "Sommerstuen" (Summe…

Princess Marie gives interview to Point de Vue Magazine

Princess Marie is on the cover of this week's issue of Point de Vue Magazine. The French Magazine was received at Amalienborg Palace by the French-born Princess recently.
(With thanks to Nuria Tiburcio for sharing with me the online version of the interview so that I could translate it.)

Interviewer: For several years, Denmark is seen as "the country of happiness". How do you explain it ?
Marie : There is a lot of reasons. The social model, the education and even the weather! The severity of the climate forces the Danes to be so strong and brave : they won't be stopped by any storm. The long winters are also why they like to spend so much of their time at home, it is what is famously called Hygge, this joy of staying together , in the family home,  and sharing simple joys. We do this a lot too. Being at home, lighting candles everywhere, resting in front of the fireplace, listening to the kids playing inside, reading a good book , what is more pleasant than that ? In ge…