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Prince Joachim and Princess Marie open Sternfahrt Festival at Sonderborg Castle

Today, Prince Joachim and Princess Marie were in Sonderborg to open the 2017 Sternfahrt Festival at Sonderborg Castle.
The Sternfahrt Festival is an international festival for fire and rescue workers. It was first held in Austria in 1976 and since then , it is held in different places in Europe every two years. The festival, which is held from May 25th to May 28th , will welcome around 3000 volunteer fire and rescue workers from 15 different countries, according to Kongehuset.

The festival aims to allow exchanges of experience and better cooperation between fire and rescue teams across Europe. It organizes exhibition and conferences to achieve that goal. The previous edition of the festival was in Switzerland in 2015. reports that Marie was very interested and curious while Joachim was mostly interest in the old vehicles that were displayed, he is indeed a big fan of old cars.

Princess Marie meets with the AIDS Fondation

Today, Princess Marie met with the AIDS Fondation's board in Copenhagen. Today is the HIV Vaccine Awareness Day and Marie is the Patron of the AIDS Fondation in Denmark. As such, she received a briefing about the HIV vaccine.

Marie and the director of the AIDS Fondation , Andres Gylling Aebelo, posed for a photo at the occasion of the Awareness Day.

Again, very little photos , but I found Marie's new top to be the 'Myrna' blouse by Baum und Pferdgarten. I can't really tell which earrings Marie is wearing, but they might be new. Post will be updated if more photos are published.


Denmark's Training Ship is welcomed back to Copenhagen by members of the Royal Family

Today, Prince Joachim and Princess Marie bought their children Prince Henrik and Princess Athena to a very special event! Denmark's Training Ship is back in Copenhagen and the members of the Danish royal family were there to welcome them as well as their families. Prince Joachim is the Patron of the ship who welcomes 80 students.

The ship was travelling since last year and was in the Virgin Islands or the Bermuda for examples. The members of the Danish royal family meet the ship's crew last summer in Rio de Janeiro during the Olympic Games.

The family took a boat to join the ship in Vedbaek so they could be on the ship for the last part of the trip , from Vedbaek to Copenhagen's port. It looks like it was a really fun event for Henrik and Athena.

As you can see, there's not a lot of photos available so I made screenshots of the video. You can see the videos available here and here.

For this event, Princess Marie wore an appropriate outfit but I don't have much info…

Prince Joachim and Princess Marie in Norway for King Harald and Queen Sonja's birthdays

On May 9th and May 10th, European royals were reunited in Oslo to celebrate King Harald and Queen Sonja's 80th birthdays! A gala dinner was held at the Palace on May 9th. Prince Joachim and Princess Marie joined the celebrations on May 10th. A lunch was held on the Norge but we have no photos of the Danish royal family as they were staying on the Danneborg yacht so they didn't step outside.
In the evening, Joachim and Marie joined the other guests at the Norwegian Opera for a dinner hosted by the government in honor of King Harald and Queen Sonja.

Princess Marie wore a custom made Rikke Gudnitz gown , first worn in April 2015 during the celebrations for Queen Margrethe's 75th birthday.
She wore her Jimmy Choo 'Vamp' sandals with a pink clutch. It appears she borrowed the clutch from Crown Princess Mary, it is UFO.

As for jewels, she wore her Christine Hvelplund pendant earrings with a new amethyst pendant necklace. She also wore an old ring and a diamond bracelet.