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Princess Marie at the AIDS Fondation Christmas concert in a RED Valentino coat

Yesterday, Princess Marie was at the Trinity Church in Copenhagen to attend the annual Christmas concert of the AIDS Fondation as Patron.

This concert has been held annually since 1996 and Marie has attended since she became Patron of the Fondation in 2011. She was accompanied by Susse Wold , President of the Fondation, François Zimeray, French Ambassador to Denmark and Rufus Gifford, US Ambassador to Denmark, among others.
The musical guests were Jens-Christian Wandt and Louise Fribo. Billed-Bladet reports that after the concert and the speeches of Wold,  Zimeray and Gifford, Princess Marie thanked everyone involved :

"After the concert, it was very happy and satisfied Marie who thanked everyone for their efforts and welcomed very warmly the stars of this Christmas Concert."

Before leaving, Marie also had a long talk with Susse Wold. This is the second AIDS Fondation event Marie has attended this month. On November 10th , she attended the 30th anniversary reception of the fo…

Prince Joachim and Princess Marie at a charity dinner

Last night, Prince Joachim and Princess Marie were at the Stock Exchange in Copenhagen to attend a charity dinner. This dinner was organized by the Environment and Food Ministery , Stop Wasting Food and DanChurchAid.

This dinner focused on food waste and raised funds for danish families who need extra help for Christmas. These funds will be used in the ChristmasProfits (JULOVERSKUD ) initiative which will give Christmas gift that have not been sold to families who couldn't buy gifts. Princess Marie is the Patron of DanChurchAid.

For this event, Marie wore a top that she owns since 2015. When she first wore it we only had limited photos of it but I had already shared that I thought it was Armani Collezioni because I had found similar dresses with the same neckline. Seeing closer photos of it today makes me sure of my guess.

Unfortunately , i had no luck finding the exact same top but , as you can see on these close-ups of the top and of the Armani Collezioni dress, it's definit…

UPDATED : Princess Marie at a Christmas event with the DanChurchAid

Today, Princess Marie was in Gentofte to attend a christmas event of the DanChurchAid.

This Christmas event is a annual event and Princess Marie has attended most of them since becoming DanChurchAid's patron in 2011. The event aims to look back on the things achieved by DCA's projects in the past year.

 Princess Marie made a humanitarian trip in Myanmar with DCA a few weeks ago and at the reception she met with Danish rock star Peter Belli, who just came back from a trip to Malawi with the DCA, and his wife June Belli.

For this event, Princess Marie wore a new grey knit top with her Hugo Boss skirt first worn in 2015. Her new pink coat is by Theory from the Fall 2016 collection. UPDATE: Her new sweater is by Burberry.

She also wore her Trinity earrings from JEWLSCPH , her UFO red ostrich clutch and new grey suede pumps. I think they might be from Gianvito Rossi but we can't be 100%sure until we see better photos.

Prince Joachim and Princess Marie at the Creative Business Cup Reception

On Sunday, Prince Joachim and Princess Marie were at the US Embassy in Denmark in Charlottenlund.
They were the guests of honor of the Ambassador Rufus Gifford in honor of the Creative Business Cup. The Creative Business Cup is an annual competition for entrepreneurs  from around the world within creative industries. Among the 250 guests , 60 finalists attended this reception.

Billed-Bladet reported that :

"Prince Joachim expressed how impressed he was with the ingenuity and creativity, Princess Marie hurried to talk to the many participants and jury members who flocked the couple."

Unfortunately, we only have one official photo of this event but I can tell you that Princess Marie wore a black velvet pantsuit that she owns since at least last year. It's still UFO unfortunately.
On other photos I saw but can't post here, we can see that she was wearing UFO black patent leather pumps, the same ones she wore to the AIDS Fondation reception last week. Her earrings and nec…

Princess Marie at the Edison Project Finale

Yesterday, Princess Marie was at the Baltic Farimagsgades School to attend the local finale of the Edison Project.

The Edison Project is a nationwide inventor competition for students in 6th and 7th grade. During the time of the competition, each group of students learns about product development and how to create something. At the end, each group present their creation during a major exhibition.

The Edison Project aims to give students the opportunity to participate in an innovative learning early in their schooling which may awake an interest in innovation and entrepreneurship.
This year's theme was "Better and safer traffic". Princess Marie visited the stands and saw each of the creation and met with the students.
In the morning, around 6:30am, Marie and Joachim drove to Amalienborg Palace to join Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary's friends and family. The Crown Prince Couple celebrated their Copper wedding anniversary (12,5 years) yesterday and this i…