Princess Marie co-teaches French lesson at Vejen Gymnasium

Today, Princess Marie visited Vejen Gymnasium og HF in Vejen. She was there to co-teach a french lesson for two classes of students.

Before starting,  Princess Marie told the students : " The only way to learn French is to talk, talk and talk, always."
Princess Marie , the teacher and the students worked on the pronounciation of French words with games and Princess Marie had two prizes for the winners , a Royal Copenhagen mug and a pen.

At the end of the lesson, Princess Marie told the reporters : " I have never tried to teach French this way. I am very impressed by the students's ambition to learn the French language. French is a difficult but important language".

Vejen Gymnasium tells me that the reason of her visit is to help increase interest in foreign language education in Denmark in general and in French specifically. Lars Amdisen Bossen, the headmaster , said : " When the Queen got married with Prince Henrik, the interest in France increased. [...]…

A meeting with DEMA, an honorary membership, and an official visit to Washington D.C for Princess Marie !

After the first gala of the year and the 2017 review, let's catch up with Princess Marie !

On January 4th, Princess Marie , as Patron of the Danish Emergency Management Agency and one of their special projects assistant, met with Dutch experts to learn about their initiatives to prevent fires and flooding and protect the population.

Since it was an unannounced event I don't have any other details about the event. Marie wore her Isabel Marant jacket first worn in 2016.

Another important news for Princess Marie ! It was announced on January 3rd that Princess Marie had accepted to be an Honorary Member of the Association of the Dane of Horseshoe (Danish Galop) was founded in 1859 by Crown Prince , later King Christian IX. The tradition is that the Monarch is the Patron of the association. Queen Margrethe, Prince Henrik, Crown Prince Frederik, Crown Princess Mary and Prince Joachim already were honorary members and the association said they were delighted and honored to welcome Pr…

2017 in review: how much did they work and how much did they spend ?

After yesterday's first gala event of the year , it is time to look back on 2017.

During the whole year, with Sarah my fellow editor on Ufonomore, I kept a tally of the days worked by the member of the Danish Royal Family. It is the first year but I will definitely will continue to do that in 2018. In this tally, you can see the numbers of days worked (and not events) by each member of the royal family. Prince Henrik was in semi-retirement until the diagnosis of his dementia was made public this summer , this is why his numbers are at 0 for the following months. He will not be included in next year's tally.  I was surprised by the Crown Prince couple's numbers as I would have thought that Crown Prince Frederik, as the heir, would have worked more days than Crown Princess Mary.

While I don't have my own numbers for 2016, Ekstra Bladet noted that Queen Margrethe worked more days while Crown Prince Frederik worked less days than in 2016 which can be seen as a sign that Qu…

Prince Joachim and Princess Marie at New Year's Gala Dinner !

Tonight , the first tiara event of the year took place at Amalienborg Palace in Copenhagen. The gala takes place each year and the royal family as well as the Governement, the President of Parliament , representatives and members of the court attend. We took a look at Princess Marie's outfits the previous years yesterday on Twitter and you can check it out here.

Prince Joachim and Princess Marie arrived first at Amalienborg Palace. All the members of the Royal Family wore the necklace of the Order of the Elephant , the highest Danish order. You can see a video of the arrivals here.

Princess Marie wore the Rikke Gudnitz white and gold gown she first wore during the Belgian state visit in March last year.

She wore her Christian Dior shoes , first worn in 2014,  and her favorite New Year's Gala clutch which is still UFO. Her earrings are new but the ring is old and UFO. I haven't seen a good photo of the bracelet yet.

What did you think of Marie's outfit ?

Photos: Instagra…

Princess Marie attends H.C Andersen Children Hospital's Christmas Party

Yesterday, Princess Marie visited H.C Andersen Children Hospital in Odense in order to attend their Christmas Party. This event was not announced by the court beforehand and it is unclear why.

Princess Marie first visited the Legeheltene activities.  Legeheltene is a cooperation between the Hospital and the Borneslykke Fonden  . The professionals are at the hospital three days a week and this cooperation aims to allow the patient to be more active physically during their stay.
Princess Marie, the children and their families then watched the Christmas concert.

H.C Andersen Children Hospital treats all types of diseases in children and teenagers from birth to 18. Princess Marie has been working closely with the hospital since 2015 but had already visited it in 2013.

Princess Marie wore a new Zara red blazer and a new Zara turtleneck pearl sweater. Her trousers could be from Zara and her new shoes could be from Sergio Rossi but I don't have confirmation for those yet.

This was most l…

Princess Marie attends the 80th anniversary celebrations of the Lecturer's Order.

Yesterday, Princess Marie attended the 80th anniversary celebrations of the Lecturer's Order at the University of Copenhagen.

The Lecturer's Order is an order for Danish professors who teach the danish language and the danish culture to students abroad.

Princess Marie opened the event with a speech. Other guests included Anne Knudsen, author Jens Christian Grondahl and a formed danish lecturer in Poland as well as translators, Danish students, business leaders and the students of the University of Copenhagen. All of the guests will talk about their experiences with foreign languages around the world and how important it is to learn foreign language.

You can read Marie's speech here.

Princess Marie is very involved in the teaching and sharing of different languages and cultures abroad. She was born in France, studied in Switzerland , worked in New York and is now living in Denmark and she said many times how important it was to her to learn and adapt to these new cultures. …

Princess Marie attends the L'Oreal-UNESCO Awards for Women in Science 2017

Today, Princess Marie attended the L'Oréal-UNESCO Awards for Women in Science 2017 as Patron of the Danish Committee of UNESCO. These awards were created in Denmark in 2007 by the L'Oreal Foundation and UNESCO. The awards exist in different countries as well.

Princess Marie has previously attended in 2013 and in 2015 . Over the years , 97 awards have been given in different countries and two recipients have won a Nobel Prize. This year's Danish edition was special as it was the 10th anniversary of the awards in Denmark.

The awards aims to recognize women in science and push women to expose their ideas and their works. Each year, three women are chosen among the contestants to receive the awards. This year's winners are Katrine Ter-Borch Gram Schjoldager from the University of Copenhagen, Kirsten Marie Ornsbjerg from the Chemical Institute of the University of Copenhagen and Sofia Ribeiro from the Geological Survey for Denmark and Greenland Institute. Each winner also g…